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October 2022 Monthly Focus

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Mission Focus | Central Asian Peoples

Missionaries | Sam & Olivia Martyn*


Sam and Olivia Martyn* faced a harsh reality in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic—they were forced out of the Central Asian country where they had lived for nine years. Would God make a way for them to continue to serve those they’d grown to love? Absolutely. They just needed to be willing vessels in His capable hands. The Martyn family moved to Europe where they are able continue ministry among the same Central Asian people group.

5 Fun Facts about the Missionaries

  1. Sam Martyn* likes to run. Olivia Martyn* likes to cook and knit. They both love reading.

  2. Mrs. Martyn grew up attending Mission Friends, Girls in Action, and Acteens. As a GA, she began to have a heart for missions.

  3. Matthew Martyn* plays the guitar and keyboard during worship at their church. He likes to play basketball.

  4. Daniel Martyn* plays the drums during worship at their church. He enjoys archery and roller skating.

  5. Anna Martyn* loves to bake, read, and play volleyball. She does a Bible story and craft with children each Sunday during worship.

Prayer Requests

  • The Martyns must learn a new language every time they go to a new place. Pray that they will learn each new language quickly so they can speak to those around them.

  • Pray for the Martyn children to make friends and share their love for Jesus at their schools.

  • Pray that the Martyns will be able to meet in person with people who have asked for a free Bible.

  • Pray that special workers will be able to continue to tell people in Central Asia about Jesus.

  • Pray that Bible studies in Central Asian languages will help Central Asian Peoples learn about Jesus.

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