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You will grow spiritually as you connect with this ever-increasing Body of Christ!"

pastor robert lee, senior pastor

The History of Collinswood-agape baptist church

Collinswood-Agape Baptist Church (CABC), a group of Christ-like, competent, and confident believers became a reality on March 24, 2019. The history of CABC grows out of a merger between Collinswood Baptist and Fairwood-Agape Baptist Churches after both churches voted unanimously to become one church.

In July 2018, Dr. Jack Stallings, Pastor of Collinswood Baptist Church (CBC) called Pastor Robert Lee, Pastor of Fairwood-Agape Baptist Church (FABC). Dr. Stallings stated that he was going to have to retire due to declining health and that they were experiencing declining attendance as well. He had a meeting with their Deacons and recommended that CBC would merge with FABC and that Pastor Robert Lee would become the Senior Pastor. The Deacons agreed with Dr. Stallings. Dr. Stallings and Pastor Lee met the next day at CBC to further discuss the possibility of a church merger between both churches. They discussed the challenges, changes, and potential to minister to the Collinswood community.  

On the following Sunday, Pastor Lee had a meeting with his Assistant Pastor, Deacons, and Trustees to present the possibility of a church merger with CBC. There was also discussion on the challenges, changes, and other questions. We agreed to pursue the possibility of merging with CBC. A series of meetings were held since July 2018 with the Pastors and Deacons of both churches, a representative from the Baptist General Association of Virginia (Glen Akins), and a lawyer (Erika Cole). 

On March 24, 2019, the members of CBC and FABC agreed, by vote, to merge and become the Collinswood-Agape Baptist Church. The Closing Celebration of Fairwood-Agape Baptist Church was held on Sunday, April 28, 2019, at 3:00 pm. Dr. Allen McFarland and Calvary Evangelical Baptist Church were our guests. 


Our first worship service as Collinswood-Agape Baptist Church Inc., 1030 City Park Ave, Portsmouth, VA 23701, was held

on May 5, 2019.

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