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November 2023 Monthly Focus

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Mission Focus | Camping & Resort Ministry

Missionaries | Robert & Barbara Ruesch


According to Robert and Barbara Ruesch of Christian Resort Ministries (CRM), camping and resort communities, also known as RV parks, are small communities where “for several months, somewhat like-minded people live and recreate together.”

These communities of “couples and individuals that travel with wheels under their home” have historically been underserved, with little focus on evangelism or outreach. That is something the Ruesches have been working for more than two decades to change.

Based in Florida, Texas, and Arizona, CRM recruits volunteer chaplains to live in these communities from November to April each year to minister to both winter and year-round residents. It is a ministry that requires sacrifice to fulfill but provides great reward when people come to saving faith in Christ.

5 Fun Facts about the Special Workers

  1. Robert Ruesch loves to write and take photographs.

  2. Barbara Ruesch enjoys being with her family.

  3. Mr. Ruesch is pretty sure you cannot live without chocolate or great cheeseburgers!

  4. Mr. Ruesch is an author of books and articles for magazines and newspapers.

  5. Mr. Ruesch feels that camping and being in nature brings a person closer to God.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for more volunteer chaplains to join Christian Resort Ministries so more campgrounds may have the services of a chaplain.

  • Pray for the ministry’s leaders as they consider how to shift from meeting needs of retirees in the campgrounds to including families who are living in campgrounds because they can’t afford other housing.

  • Pray that the ministry would have enough resources to provide chaplains in more campgrounds who want a chaplain to live there.

  • Thank God that He has provided a new person to lead Christian Resort Ministries as Mr. Ruesch retires.

  • Thank God that chaplains are available to tell others in campgrounds about Jesus.

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