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February 2024 Monthly Focus

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Mission Focus | Asia

Missionaries | Catherine Knowles


Catherine serves in South Asia alongside several local women who go out with her to share the gospel. Since she is an American, language takes time, and partnering with locals who know the language and can share the gospel in the heart languages of the people they serve is a blessing. Catherine and her partners look for connections with new local churches that will let them train their people on a simple evangelism tool, and then they go out together and share the gospel. When people come to know Jesus, they work with the believers in discipleship and planting new churches.

5 Fun Facts about the Special Workers

  1. Catherine Knowles was a teacher before becoming a special worker.

  2. Ms. Knowles enjoys hiking, dancing, and singing.

  3. Ms. Knowles rides a moped to get around through the heavy traffic in her city.

  4. Ms. Knowles enjoys starting her day with coffee while reading the Bible and praying.

  5. Ms. Knowles celebrates her birthday on February 9!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that the women Catherine Knowles tells about Jesus will believe in Jesus and learn to tell others about Him.

  • Pray that more special workers will go to South Asia to the tell people about Jesus.

  • Pray for Christian families to be strong.

  • Thank God that Ms. Knowles is learning the language well.

  • Thank God for open doors to train women to share about Jesus.

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