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January 2024 Monthly Focus

minneapolis-saint paul cityscape with bridge view

Mission Focus | Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Missionaries | Eber & Melisa Argueta


Eber and Melisa Argueta, a young Honduran couple, serve Christ as North American Mission Board missionaries in the region of Saint Cloud, Minnesota, where he is pastor and she is director of children’s ministry for the Spanish-speaking services of Harvest Fellowship Church, called Harvest en Español.

The Harvest en Español congregation is composed of people from eight different nations. The diversity encourages and compels the Arguetas to learn about each culture and discover how to share the gospel intentionally with each people group. Immigrant ministry is unique, and the Arguetas are learning to be intentional by finding practical ways to help their neighbors and open doors to gospel conversations.

5 Fun Facts about the Special Workers

  1. Eber Argueta grew up in Honduras. He left to attend seminary (Bible school) in Texas.

  2. Eber and Melisa Argueta have two young children.

  3. Minnesota is quite different from Honduras where Mr. Argueta grew up. He enjoys experiencing four distinct seasons in Minnesota.

  4. The Arguetas enjoy reading and traveling.

  5. Because the Saint Cloud area is so diverse, the Arguetas enjoy tasting foods from many different cultures!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the Argueta family, that they will continue to grow in their faith.

  • Pray for Eber and Melisa’s children, that as they get older, they will understand and enjoy their role in their missionary family and they will learn to love Jesus.

  • Pray that the Arguetas will continue to have opportunities to share about Jesus.

  • Pray that Harvest en Español will continue to grow.

  • Pray for God to raise up leaders to help Mr. Argueta serve at Harvest en Español.

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