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February 2023 Monthly Focus

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Mission Focus | Asian Pacific Rim

Missionaries | John and Sara Fenton*


The Asian Pacific Rim is remarkable for its diversity. Half of the world’s largest cities are in the region, yet many areas are extremely remote. Some areas are known for their spicy foods, others may favor sweet or salty flavors. The geography ranges from islands to mountains to rain forests to rice fields. Language dialects vary so much that people within the same country may not understand each other.

Family is important. It is common for three or four generations to live together. Decisions are made based on what will help the family as a whole rather than individuals. Duty to family can be a barrier to faith in Jesus. To become a Christian is often interpreted by older generations as a turning away from the family.

John and Sara Fenton* and their children are building relationships while discerning where God is working. Through many encounters and conversations with local people, both believers and nonbelievers alike, the Fentons’ are growing their understanding of local culture, worldview, and religious beliefs so that they can more effectively communicate the gospel. As they get to know more people, the opportunities for ministry increase.

*names changed

5 Fun Facts about the Missionaries

  1. Among the interesting things the Fentons have eaten while in the Asian Pacific Rim are donkey, duck feet and tongue, jellyfish, all parts of a pig, and fried silkworm larvae.

  2. The three Fenton children attend local schools but are also homeschooled to learn to read and write in English.

  3. Baseball, basketball, soccer, and riding scooters are favorite Fenton family activities.

  4. Mrs. Fenton went on missions trips as a teen and in college and served overseas as a Journeyman.

  5. Mr. Fenton has taught English to students from middle school to university graduates.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God would open doors for more opportunities to tell people about Jesus.

  • Pray that the Fenton children would grow to love God deeply.

  • Pray for local churches to want to reach out to others and tell them about Jesus.

  • Pray that the work the Fentons do will help people to see how good God is.

  • Thank God that He has helped the Fentons through some difficult transitions on the field.

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