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August 2023 Monthly Focus

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Mission Focus | Alaska

Missionaries | Jae & Carole


Jae and Carole McKee serve Aleutian Island communities in Alaska. Jae is the director of missions and church planting for the Alaska Baptist Resource Network in Anchorage. As state missionaries, he and Carole travel from Anchorage and other hub locations to villages and communities only accessible by plane or boat.

One community the McKees work in is Cold Bay, the last community on the Alaska Peninsula before the Aleutian Islands begin. The McKees are excited about what God is doing in Cold Bay. The community is growing to accept the church and baptisms are taking place. Local leadership is being developed for long-term sustainability. Jae and Carole are working to strengthen the church and lead members to plant other churches in neighboring communities.

5 Fun Facts about the Special Workers

  1. Mr. McKee’s favorite hobby is hunting black bears.

  2. Mr. McKee was voted most likely to start a conversation with a stranger.

  3. Once a month, Mr. McKee makes the two-and-one-half hour flight from Anchorage, Alaska, to Cold Bay, Alaska. The only way to get to Cold Bay is by boat or airplane.

  4. Mr. McKee’s church services have been interrupted by volcanoes, earthquakes, and bears.

  5. Mr. McKee enjoys being outdoors in Alaska.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for safety as the McKees travel to Cold Bay and other places in Alaska.

  • Pray that the people who live in Cold Bay and surrounding towns will go to church to hear about Jesus’ love for them.

  • Pray that God would provide funding to build a church building for the Cold Bay Chapel so members can meet together and reach out to others.

  • Thank God for helping church members of Cold Bay Chapel be prepared to reach people in Cold Bay and surrounding towns.

  • Thank God for the generosity of churches giving offerings that pay for some of Mr. McKee’s travel expenses.

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