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August 2022 Monthly Focus

minneapolis-saint paul cityscape with bridge view

Mission Focus | GO2 Initiative in Pittsburgh

Missionaries | David & Casey Domalski


In spite of Pittsburgh’s alluring charm, the Steel City is recognized as being the second most irreligious city in the US. Though the neighborhoods are friendly, many of the residents are skeptical of the church or have been hurt by the church or its members.

Building deep, true trust is a challenge for missionaries like David Domalski, who serves as a journeyman with the North American Mission Board (NAMB). But even though Pittsburghers are not quick to accept the gospel, they are often willing to listen, and David is willing to talk. Just give him a cup of coffee and a little time, and his conversation will turn into “Jesus talk.”

David and his wife, Casey, serve in Pittsburgh through the GO2 Initiative. The GO2 Initiative challenges every college student to spend the first two years after graduation living on mission as a part of a church planting team in North America or around the globe.

5 Fun Facts about the Missionaries

  1. David Domalski is learning to play the ukulele.

  2. Mr. Domalski participated in the GenSend program for two summers, serving as a missionary in Atlanta and Pittsburgh.

  3. David Domalski just got married last November to his wife, Casey. Mrs. Domalski loves to help her husband in his work.

  4. Foster Love Project gives backpacks full of needed items to foster children.

  5. Mr. Domalski loves people and believes we should pray always that people who do not know Jesus will decide to love Jesus.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that David Domalski would be able to do a Bible study with a group of college students throughout all the years of their time at college.

  • Pray that a building will be located for a new church that is being started.

  • Pray for Mr. Domalski as he helps other people and tells them about God.

  • Pray that the people of Pittsburgh would want to hear about and love Jesus.

  • Pray that people in Pittsburgh who love Jesus will be encouraged to keep loving Jesus and tell other people about Him.

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