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July 2024 Monthly Focus

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Mission Focus | Southeast Asia

Missionaries | Victor & Madeleine Hawthorne


God is opening doors for Victor and Madeline in their local Deaf community through soccer and outreach to university students. They work to plant Deaf churches and support the efforts of translators who are translating the Bible into the local sign language. Because many Deaf people often feel isolated, the Hawthornes are working to create a Deaf community center where the Deaf can gather and spend time together.

5 Fun Facts about the Special Workers

  1. Victor and Madeline Hawthorne have worked in over 20 different Asian cities!

  2. Victor and Madeline have two children, Zeke and Alyse, who are active participants in their parents’ work.

  3. Victor Hawthorne is deaf. The Hawthorne family uses sign language to communicate with one another.

  4. In April each year, the Hawthorne family participates in the new year celebration of Songkran. During Songkran, people go out into the streets to shoot water at and pour water on one another!

  5. The Hawthorne family gets to taste many interesting foods in Southeast Asia. They even ate termites!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that everything will work out so the Hawthornes can create a Deaf community center for the Deaf people in Southeast Asia.

  • Pray that people who are translating the Bible will be accurate so many Deaf people can learn about and love Jesus.

  • Pray for leaders of the soccer outreach program to be able to share the gospel of Jesus with many people who are not likely to go to church.

  • Pray for the work the Hawthornes do in surrounding Southeast Asian countries, that they have the finances, strength, and good health to travel and maintain contact with faraway helpers.

  • Thank God for providing a homeschool co-op so Zeke and Alyse can spend time with children their age.

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