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July 2023 Monthly Focus

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Mission Focus | Southeast Asia

Missionaries | Randall & Liz Briggs


Randall and Liz Briggs serve in Southeast Asia among migrants from Myanmar who work in factories, construction, the fishing industry, and restaurants. Randall and Liz’s main goal is to plant new churches among people who have never heard the gospel and train leaders to sustain the churches. Migrant Christians often suffer persecution from their family or community.

5 Fun Facts about the Special Workers

  1. Randall Briggs likes running and photography.

  2. Liz Briggs likes to sew and play the piano. She homeschools their two children, Sophia and Thomas.

  3. Sophia Briggs likes doing crafts.

  4. Thomas Briggs likes playing with LEGO.

  5. Sophia and Thomas both love the donuts (long pieces of fried bread) served at tea shops in Southeast Asia. They also love tea leaf salad.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for peace for the countries and people in Southeast Asia.

  • Pray churches will be started for migrant workers living and working away from their home country.

  • Pray for protection and wisdom for special workers in Southeast Asia.

  • Pray for churches to be started for factory workers in their own languages.

  • Pray for the Briggs family as they share Jesus with people in Southeast Asia.

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