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July 2021 Monthly Focus

Mission Focus | Ukraine

Missionaries | Linda Gray



  1. Linda Gray began serving in Ukraine at the age of 48. She has been a missionary for 22 years!

  2. Ms. Gray loves walking her dog, Chewie, and meeting new friends.

  3. Ms. Gray’s language teacher once took her home for a weekend of learning to make traditional Ukrainian foods.

  4. Most Ukrainians do not smile in public, but when Ukrainians get to know people, they are very friendly. Ms. Gray loves sitting down to have tea with people she meets.

  5. Ms. Gray enjoys eating borscht [borSHt], a soup most Ukrainian women make with cabbage, beets, tomatoes, and potatoes.


  • Ask God to help Ms. Gray tell the women she meets about Jesus

  • Pray that Ms. Gray will be able to make more friends so she can teach them about the Bible.

  • Pray that Ms. Gray will have good health and energy for her work.

  • Pray that people in Ukraine will love Jesus and tell their friends about Him.

  • Pray that Ms. Gray and her church can continue to help and give food and medical care to people who have had to leave their homes.


Ms. Gray is a missionary in the Kharkov region of Ukraine. She shares Jesus’ love in many ways. Ms. Gray leads Bible studies and camps for women. She works with “The Book Club,” which helps people learn to speak and read English. Ukrainian people must first gain a level of trust with someone before they will call that person a friend.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and it has some of the richest soil in the world. It has been called the “breadbasket” of the Soviet Union. Ukraine is the largest honey producer in Europe and is second only to Russia in the production of sunflower oil.

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