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January 2021 Monthly Focus

Mission Focus | Washington

Special Workers | John and Xue Bai*

*names changed

Fun Facts About the Special Workers

  1. John Bai was born into a fourth-generation Christian family, but his family could not go to church or talk about God. When Mr. Bai grew up, he didn’t believe the Bible was true.

  2. Mrs. Bai learned about Jesus from Mr. Bai’s mother. Mr. Bai finally believed the stories in the Bible were true after Mrs. Bai (Xue) believed the truth about Jesus.

  3. Mr. Bai learned more about Jesus from special workers while he lived in Beijing, China.

  4. The Bais knew God wanted them to start new churches, so they moved to Fort Worth, Texas, to attend seminary, a type of college where students learn about the Bible.

  5. The Bais have two children, Cherry* and Shuai*, who love eating at chicken fast food restaurants.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that leaders from the new church in Washington state will grow strong, work together, and be willing to tell others about Jesus.

  • Pray that Mr. and Mrs. Bai will be strong and have enough energy to continue leading the church and taking care of their family.

  • Pray that Mr. Bai will have more time to spend with his family.

  • Pray for Mr. Bai’s family in China.

  • Pray that Chinese families in Washington will go to church to learn about God.

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