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February 2021 Monthly Focus

Mission Focus | Heart Languages/Africa

Special Workers | Tom and Tina Ferguson

Fun Facts About the Special Workers

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson have lived in South Africa for ten years and in Africa for almost twenty-five years.

  2. Mr. Ferguson’s favorite Bible story is about Bezalel, the artist in charge of building the Tabernacle.

  3. Mr. Ferguson likes to hike, read, visit historical places, and go to museums.

  4. Mrs. Ferguson likes being outside, looking at nature, training dogs, taking photos of wildlife, and playing the bass guitar.

  5. Mr. Ferguson has helped people from fifty people groups in Africa to write new songs about Jesus in their heart languages.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that Tom Ferguson and his friends will continue to have and show joyful worship.

  • Pray that people will listen to the message of Jesus in their heart language.

  • Pray for strength for all the actors, musicians, dancers, artists, and storytellers as they share the Bible in the people’s heart languages.

  • Pray that all people in Africa will get Bible translations in their heart languages.

  • Pray for the Fergusons as they have retired from service with the International Mission Board.


A heart language is the language a person is taught as a small child. People may learn other languages, but their heart language is the language they understand the best. Some people groups do not have Bibles available in their heart languages.

Mr. Ferguson believes that a culture’s music, dance, art, and drama can be used to tell Bible stories in the heart languages of that particular culture. For example, he teaches believers in African people groups to write new songs in the styles of music they are familiar with and in their heart languages. Singing and dancing to these songs helps people learn about the Bible and hear about Jesus and His love for all people.

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