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December 2021 Monthly Focus

Mission Focus | Asian Pacific Rim**

Missionaries | Christopher & Elizabeth Luo*



  1. Mr. Luo [LO] was born in Hawaii.

  2. As a child, Mr. Luo climbed banyan trees, the same kind of tree that he sees in the Asian Pacific Rim!

  3. Mr. and Mrs. Luo have two daughters, Elea* and Adalyn*.

  4. It took Mr. and Mrs. Luo two years to learn the national language of their country.

  5. Fishcake soup is Mr. Luo’s favorite food.


  • Pray for Elea as she is away at college. Ask God to help her find good friends and a church to attend.

  • Pray for people who love Jesus to be able to meet together and worship God.

  • Ask God to help those who love Jesus to be kind and share Jesus with other people in the country who are going through a sad time.

  • Praise God for healing Mr. Luo’s dad. He needed surgery at the hospital, but after Mr. Luo prayed for his dad, God healed him and he didn’t need surgery anymore!

  • Pray for the Luo family to enjoy spending time together, and for Adalyn, who misses her sister, Elea, who is away at college.


In the Asian Pacific Rim, most people do not know about Jesus. Mr. and Mrs. Luo tell others about Jesus, encourage pastors who feel lonely, and help their friends know how to go out and tell others about Jesus.

Sometimes rules in the city make going to church difficult. People are not allowed to meet in church buildings, so they meet at one another’s homes instead. Because of this, the people who worship God are good friends with one another and are bold when they tell others about Jesus.

*Names changed.

**The new Asian Pacific Rim Peoples Affinity encompasses work among peoples who originate in the countries along the Pacific Ocean Rim, roughly from Mongolia to Indonesia and Myanmar to Japan. It comprises the peoples IMB has, up until now, been seeking to engage in the affinity structures of East Asian Peoples Affinity and Southeast Asian Peoples Affinity.

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