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April 2021 Monthly Focus

Mission Focus | Ghana

Missionaries | Dr. Heidi & William Haun


Fun Facts About the Special Workers

  1. Dr. Haun’s favorite food is Ground Nut Stew. A sauce is made with peanut butter and tomato sauce and served with rice or other starches made from cornmeal or yams. It may be made with beef, goat, chicken, or guinea fowl.

  2. Dr. Haun says, “Walking through town is like walking through a farm.” Each day she can see donkeys, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, guinea fowl, and dogs.

  3. After church on Sundays, the Hauns visit a fast food restaurant called a “chop shop.” Their entire meal costs about seventy-five cents.

  4. The Hauns learned the Mampruli language through a tutor, flashcards, and listening to recordings of the Bible in the Mampruli language.

  5. In their free time, the Hauns enjoy hiking, photography, and art.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that the Baptist Medical Centre will continue to be a place where patients learn about Jesus.

  • Pray for the leadership of the hospital.

  • Pray that God will provide Christian doctors to work at the hospital.

  • Pray that the Mamprusi people will believe in Jesus.

  • Pray that God will continue to provide for the farmers in Northern Ghana.


The Hauns live in northern Ghana. The area is a savannah, or flatland. Ghana has two major seasons: dry season and rainy season. In the rainy season (June through October) everything is lush and green. The rainy season is farming season. In the dry season, the grass dies and turns brown without rain.

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